Editorial Cartoons

These cartoons appeared in Marshall Everett's Story of the Wreck of the Titanic (1912)

"Safety" --Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The Eternal Collision" -- C. Macauley

"Gettin' the Lesson" --Indianapolis News

"The Tragedy of the Titanic" --St. Louis Globe-Democrat

"More Life Saving Boats"--Cincinnati Post

"Grieve Not, the Spirit of Manhood Still Lives" --St. Louis Globe-Democrat

"Time to Get Busy" --St. Louis Republic

"Women and Children First" --Cincinnati Post

"Wireless Anarchy" --New York World

"Everything for Enjoying Life, But Not Much to Save It" --Detroit News

"Non-Sinkable" --unknown

"The Lost...The Saved" --unknown

"The Tragedy of the Titanic" --Toledo News-Bee

"Waiting" --Detroit News

"The Refuge" --St. Louis Globe-Democrat